Highway Landscaping
The City of Bloomfield is a wonderful community and great place for businesses. The information provided here is to help those who are interested in locating their company in the City of Bloomfield.

A major portion of the City’s commercial district is located near the intersection of New Mexico Routes 550 and 64, major highways that cross a large portion of the state. This intersection has daily traffic counts that average 12,657 vehicles. The average daily traffic count just west of this intersection on Route 64 is 18,210. These counts include not only local traffic, but also many tourists who travel to northwest New Mexico to view both its natural and historical treasures. Land is available for development on both sides of these highways.

With reconstruction completed in 2014, the five lanes of Route 64 contain new water, wastewater, and storm sewer utilities. Landscaping in its medians and on both sides of the roadway complements adjacent businesses.

Animas Business Park

After purchasing approximately 75 acres of land, the City of Bloomfield partnered with RIO Real Estate Investment Opportunities, LLC in 2011 to develop the Animas Business Park.  With ready access to New Mexico State Route 550, a five-lane roadway, this industrial zoned site is served by water, wastewater, natural gas, and electric utilities. The City will actively work with businesses locating in the park on incentives provided by the State of New Mexico.

Animas Park
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Bloomfield Invents

Designed to encourage invention, innovation and entrepreneurship, Bloomfield Invents was the first municipally supported organization of its type in the State of New Mexico. Consisting of innovators and entrepreneurs, both young and old, this group meets monthly at the Bloomfield Multi-Cultural Center. Programs focus on product development, business development, financing, marketing, and the ability to interact with fellow entrepreneurs.

Bloomfield Invents provides access to the resources of the following organizations:
Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc. NM State University's Arrowhead Center
Los Alamos National Laboratory NM Manufacturing Extension Partnership
San Juan College Enterprise Center NM Small Business Development Centers
Sandia National Laboratories
Our goal is to nurture new ventures that will become a part of Bloomfield's business community.

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  • With the best pro-business attitude in the Four Corners Region, the City of Bloomfield works closely with business owners to identify available resources for business expansion or the development of a new business.

    Chamber of Commerce

    The Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce has approximately 150 member businesses, all of which support the City of Bloomfield and appreciate doing business in our community. The Chamber of Commerce partners with community leaders to offer community events and business networking to benefit the City of Bloomfield and its residents.
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  • Four Corners Economic Development

    Four Corners Economic Development
    Locating a business isn't just about the location and incentives. You are also a part of that community. To assist you in becoming more familiar with this community, Bloomfield has partnered wtih Four Corners Economic Development to aid you in developing your business.
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